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Fojtka, Vláčilova ulice, č.p. 31

50°48´47.1"N 15°05´21.8"E

poslední dům v ulici i obci při vstupu do Jizerských hor v nadmořské výšce 465 m.n.m.
vzdálenost od golfového hřistě Ypsilon je 1 km.

do Liberce 12 km (centrum)
na okraj Liberce 6 km 
od dálnice 7 km
exit Stráž nad Nisou (obchvat), směr Frýdlant v Čechách

Vanc Petr
+420 777 709 709

Vancová Radka
+420 725 293 310



Informace o zpracování osobních údajů

RD no. 31, Vláčilova ul., Mníšek – Fojtka (Chata Golf) 

( following the GDPR - REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016

 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

In connection with the provision of our accommodation services, we require the provision of the following personal data of the accommodated persons:

1) first and last name, citizenship for foreigners

2) address of place of permanent residence or place of permanent residence abroad

3) ID number or travel document number, or visa number

4) telephone number

We are obliged to request data 1) to 3) according to Act 565/1990 Coll. on local fees as amended, specifically § 3, paragraph 4) ..  The lodger is obliged to keep a record book in written form, in which he records the duration of accommodation, purpose of stay, name, surname, address of place of permanent residence or place of permanent residence abroad and the identity card or travel document number of the natural person who provided the accommodation. ...,  or for foreigners according to  Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the residence of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic, as amended

            - that is from the point of view of the GDPR, the reason for  fulfilling the legal obligation  applicable to the accommodation provider 

Data 4) – the telephone number is necessary for communication with clients (communication regarding arrival, departure and others related to accommodation)

- that is from the point of view of the GDPR  for the purposes of the legitimate interests  of the service provider 

The given data will only be used in the above-mentioned way,  in no case for any marketing offers, etc. 

Processing of personal data 

a) Storage

- name and surname, address and telephone data are stored in the database for the possibility of communicating with clients and issuing service invoices

- data on the identity card or travel document are recorded and kept only in written form with secure storage


b) Archiving period

- the data is kept for 6 years following the year of registration in accordance with the fulfillment of the legal obligation according to

     Act 565/1990 Coll. as amended

 All the above personal data are processed and stored in accordance with the terms of the GDPR and are not made available or

provided to any other persons, with the exception of possible control by the municipality, for which local fees are collected.


In Fojtek on February 15, 2018

         Petr and Radka Vance - property owners

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